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WENTEX® - Creative textile solutions

Come and meet Wentex at LDI in Las Vegas from December 3-5. Visit our stand (West Hall - 1412) to discover our Pipe & Drape system, SET Frame Modules and 3D Deco Panels. We look forward to seeing you there.


WENTEX® recognizes that customers expect more from our products than just functional textile products and system solutions. Our offerings serve as a means to overcome challenges, provide practical solutions, and ultimately, lead to success.


Scroll down to have a look at all our products:

  • Pipe & Drape

    Pipe & Drape

    Looking for a Pipe & Drape system that's both versatile and user-friendly? Look no further than Wentex. Our innovative system stands out as the most adaptable and easy-to-use option on the market today. Whether you're setting up for a theatre production, a business event, an exhibition, or any other setting, our Pipe & Drape system is incredibly easy to move and reposition, making it ideal for any situation. With its sleek, visually appealing design, our system adds a touch of elegance to any setting, making it the perfect choice for those looking to create a sophisticated atmosphere.At Wentex, we pride ourselves on offering the most reliable and attractive Pipe & Drape system available. So if you're looking for a system that delivers both functionality and style, look no further than Wentex. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we're the clear number one choice for all your Pipe & Drape needs.
  • SET Frame Modules

    SET Frame Modules

    Looking for a lightweight and versatile solution for creating visuals, exhibition stands, or projection screens? Look no further than the Wentex SET Frame Module.Made from durable aluminum, this modular system allows you to easily create frames up to 6.5 meters in height, with any desired angular or width configuration. And with the option to add front projection screens or an intermediate compartment for seamless LED screen installations, the Wentex SET Frame Module is the perfect framing solution for a wide range of applications.Whether you're looking to display silicone-edge graphics at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, or TV studios, the Wentex SET Frame Module offers a versatile and reliable solution that delivers exceptional results. So if you're looking for a modular framing system that's both functional and easy to use, choose the Wentex SET Frame Module and experience the difference for yourself.
  • Projection screens

    Projection screens

    The SET Frame projection screens are available in 8 standard sizes from 1 to 8 meters wide. This in a ratio of 16:9. The projection screens are made up of our SET frame modules. 
  • Eurotrack


    The Eurotrack system is a multifunctional, reliable, light and silent track system. Eurotrack is a I-beam style track system used for medium-duty applications like backdrops, scenic and lighting. The system is used on stage, in TV studios, expo, architectural installations and can be extended with curves, switch points and rope operation. The groove channel allows for a variety of mounting solutions.
  • 3D deco panel

    3D deco panel

    3D deco panels enables you to create unique scenic backdrops, screen surrounds, entryways and freestanding walls, towers or columns. Freestanding walls can go up to 5 meters / 16'. The 3D deco panels can also easily hang from a truss grid. Easy assembly enables the product to be installed quickly without the need of any tools.
  • Light Box

    Light Box

    The WENTEX LED light box is the perfect addition to any booth, shop, or event. With its frameless full color graphic, it is sure to grab attention and make a lasting impression. The fabric used is not only vibrant but also flame retardant, making it safe to use in any setting. Available in two standard sizes, 2.5x1m and 2.5x2m or 8'x4' and 8'x8', this light box is versatile and can be used for various applications. If you are interested in our single-sided LED light box, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • Backdrops


    Backdrops are an efficient and very often used stage dressing application
  • Stretch shapes

    Stretch shapes

    Enhance the visual appeal of your event or venue with WENTEX® Stretch Shapes. These versatile decorations can be used as a projection screen or as a unique stage backdrop. Available in three different shapes, square, triangle, and diamond, these stretch shapes offer endless possibilities for creativity. The use of lights in combination with the stretch shapes makes them perfect for illuminating the stage and creating a mesmerizing effect. Whether you're looking to add a special touch to your event or to enhance your venue's decor, WENTEX® Stretch Shapes are the perfect solution.
  • Stage Skirts

    Stage Skirts

    Our Medium Gloss Satin  and MCS pleated or unpleated stage skirts attached by Velcro to platforms to finish you stage for a professional look. The stage skirts are made of the flame retardant fabric, available in the colours black and white and in variety of sizes.
  • Soft goods

    Soft goods

    A varied program of soft good products. Spaghetti drapes, circular panels, stage skirts, back drops. This this section for more info
  • Chromakey


    The Wentex Pipe & Drape Chromakey Curtains are green screens available in differant sizes. They are compatible with all pipe and drape cross bars, making it an ideal solution for film or photography productions.
  • Circulair panels

    Circulair panels

    For circles made out of truss material we can deliver panels made outo of molton. We can deliver them in black or white and in  6 different sizes.
  • Truss sleeves

    Truss sleeves

    A truss sleeve is a versatile accessory used in event and expo settings to dress trusses and create lighting effects. It is typically made of high-quality flame retardant stretch fabric, which ensures safety and durability during use. The sleeve comes in two colors - white and black - to fit different color schemes and event themes.
  • Spaghetti curtains

    Spaghetti curtains

    The Wentex Spaghetti Curtain is a 100 % Polyester curtain. It can be easily installed  using the  hook and loop system. Because of the hook and loop it also is compatible with the Wentex pipe and drape system. The curtains are available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 m lengths and in 3 colors, white, grey and black. The width is standard 3 m. The Spaghetti curtain an be cut at the preferred lenght and width by using a household scissor without unraveling the strings. All Spaghetti curtains are made of permanent flame retardant fabrics. Curtains can be washed while they keep the flame retardancy.
  • Acoustic panel

    Acoustic panel

    The SET Frame acoustical panel combines effective sound absorption with aesthetic appeal and provides you with a refined method to address acoustical issues while improving or preserving the aesthetics of the space.SET Frame's robust aluminum frames, available in three thickness for different acoustical applications, keeps the printed high-resolution image perfectly tensioned throughout the life of the panel. The SET Frame contains a layer of acoustically absorptive material and a smart frame construction for stability. Graphics are printed at very high resolutions on flame retardant fabric. The SET Frame comes standard with a natural anodised frame including hardware for wall mounting. Frames in white or black powder-coated also available. Printable surface come in a maximum width of 500 cm.
  • Storage & Transport

    Storage & Transport

    we have developed various applications that extend the life of our products, protect them and make them easy to transport. 
  • Accessories


    To make it easy for you to work with our products, we have a number of accessories. Some general but also specific product oriented.

Creative textile solutions

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