SET Frame Modules

The Wentex SET Frame Module is a lightweight aluminum system for quickly and easily creating visuals, exhibition stands or projection screens. It is a very modular system for a height of up to 6 meters. You can make the frame as angular and wide as you want. In addition,  front projections is possible, as well as creating an intermediate compartment for seamless LED screen installations. This is an ideal framing solution for silicone-edge graphics at conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars, and TV studios. Frame modules are available in different sizes, allowing you to create different combinations and setups. They are equipped with a quickly built-in stacking system. Clamps ensure that frames can be securely and seamlessly attached to each other and Wentex Base Plates can be used to create a strong and stable base.

The SET frame A & H modules are simply to assemble. Find the instructions here. (pdf download)